Vegan Chocolate Mud Cake

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NEW Vegan Chocolate Mud Chocolate

This is new to our range - this Vegan Chocolate Mud Cake is decedent, rich and deliciously smooth and full of flavour. The team have tried it and all given it the thumbs up - hard to tell that it is vegan! The cake it's self is soft and it even heats up like a pudding if you wanted to eat it warm too.

We are definitely all a fan of this cake. 10/10 !!

It could be dressed up nicely with some of our cake toppers. The ganache is spreadable and could be smoothed out and a totally different cake could be presented with just a little thought.

This cake is available in a 8" round at present - larger to order and by request only, please allow 3 to 5 days notice.

We cannot personalised this cake like our slab cakes, sorry.  

Store pick-up only 7 days a week

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