Chocolate & Almond | Vegan, Egg free & Gluten Free

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Chocolate & Almond Cake - Eggless, Gluten Free & Dairy Free Cake and mouth-wateringly great!   Halal too! 

Gluten Free Chocolate Glazed Egg free. Gluten Free & Dairy Free - Mousse centred  Layered with delicious cake. Gluten Free | Contains nuts (Almond meal) 

Covered in a delicious chocolate ganache with lovely Almonds on top. Dress this cake up with a optional chocolate plaque- Happy Birthday only $2.99.

Sorry this cake can't be personalised.

Frozen product, so please allow for thawing time. Should you require this product thawed, please request in notes. Store pick-up only.

Best eaten at room temperature | For more product details visit 

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