Confetti Balloon Inflation with Helium

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Premium Quality Confetti Balloons

45CM CLEAR — $19.99

Includes a single 45cm clear  latex balloon, Hi-Floated Gel, 8g of confetti & balloon weight

60CM CLEAR — $29.99

Includes a single 60cm clear  latex balloon, Hi-Floated Gel, 12g of confetti & balloon weight

90CM CLEAR — $44.99

Includes a single 90cm clear  latex balloon, Hi-Floated Gel, 20g of confetti & balloon weight  

*Float time on balloons can not be guaranteed as weather and storage conditions effect balloons, however our staff will give you an outline of how to look after your balloons for a longer life. Always keep your balloons out of direct sunlight, wind and heat. Balloons are happier when they are kept indoors in a temperature that is not too hot. We do not recommend that balloons stay in cars too long in the heat as they may expand and pop! We will treat your Balloon with a product called Hi-Float that extends the life of your balloons float time.

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