Eco Sugarcane Oval Plates | 50 pack

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On trend 50 pack Sugarcane Oval Plates Heavy Duty are strong, sturdy & perfect for your next BBQ or event.  Alpen Quality Eco Paper Heavy Duty  | Oval Plate 325 x 260mm

Alpen's new EcoOccasions Sugarcane Tableware is made from 100% natural sugarcane fibre.

All this eco and they work out to be .52 cent each!!!!!!!!!!!

Sugarcane fibre (also known as Bagasse) is the dry pulpy residue left after crushing sugarcane stalks and extracting the juice from cane sugar. Sugarcane pulp is an excellent alternative to wood.  While paper is produced from pulping wood from trees, Bagasse is the reclaimed by product from the huge sugarcane industry.

These are eco-friendly, and compostable in both home and industrial settings. These 100% biodegrade within 90 days.  When sugarcane products degrade, they provide natural ingredients back to the environment since they are made from natural materials.

Being made from reclaimed and renewable resources, our tableware is the ultimate sustainable product.

It is food safe and non-toxic, oil & heat resistant up to 100⁰C, leak proof, microwavable, freezer safe.

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