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Lemon Syrup Cake 6" & 8"

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NEW Lemon Syrup Cake 6 inch round - approx weight 1 kilo.

This is a lemon infusion, a moist butter cake, topped with a Lemon butter cream and finished with a lemon syrup drizzle.

Now Available

6" Round, as this cake so moist is could serve 8 to 10 dessert size portions.

10" inch $34.99. Serving up to 16 people. These cakes can not be personalised.

Larger sizes available to pre-order with a weeks notice, The French Kitchen Cakes are all purchased frozen- please allow time for thawing. Pop a note on your order should you require your cake thawed ready for store pick-up.

Store pick-up only

Contains: Gluten, Egg, Dairy. May Contain Traces: Peanut, Tree Nut & Sesame.

(Vegetable / Plant based gum 412 & 410 used in the cream cheese)

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