NEW Mixed Cheesecake Induvial Desserts

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6 Individual Cheesecakes for a sweet price of $20.99.

Sold frozen so you can enjoy 1 dessert at a time.......enjoying a treat on demand or a nice selection of desserts for a couple... or up to 6 people.

Available the selection

2 x Cookies & Cream Cheesecake

2 x Berry Cheesecake 

2 x Pecan & Caramel

Desserts  contain the following allergens: - nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, gelatine & some gluten.

All are delicious!!

Based on a biscuit base. Available as individual serves in a 6 pack, approx. 6.5cm d x 5cm h.s. approx. 6.5cm d x 5cm h. These products are frozen and are a store pick up only.

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