Black Gingham Printed Grease Proof Paper

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Grease proof paper prevents grease or oil leakage. It is utilised to wrap as well as pack food ensuring that no oil or grease leaks through the packing

200 mm x 300 mm  | 200 pack  
Also available in 1/2 sheets and full sheets by calling us directly on 96342593 to order 

Printed Black Gingham grease proof paper offers the same high standards of quality as Ecobuy white and brown grease proof. They are still 28 gsm and hold the same high safety standards for lining purposes and packaging food. 
Grease proof paper is one part of a constantly increasing array of food products used in fast food centres, delis, bakeries and the like.
Our grease proof paper is manufactured from VIRGIN reels and is sanitised, clean and cost effective for packaging various food items like chips, hot dogs, hamburgers and various other take away fast foods. Our grease proof paper is also utilised for many other purposes both for presenting foods as well as in restaurant kitchens.
Uses these food papers with our range of Eco Food packaging, from trays to burger boxes!


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