Wooden Boats | 50 Pack

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Eco friendly wooden boats made from Poplar wood. Perfect for serving finger food at parties! They are also biodegradable. Available in 9cm, 15cm, 17cm, 20cm  & 23cm in length. 

Due to the nature of these they are non postal. Please call to discuss postage or volume orders.

Alpen have had a strong history in sustainably sourced wooden & bamboo products, including our toothpicks and skewers, carnival sticks and many more.  As we walk the earth ever more consciously, we are making Earth Friendly Choices with many of our product ranges. 
All wooden and bamboo items in our ranges, including our Wooden Cutlery, are FSC sourced. They are from reputable, compliant factories with all testing procedures in place.

Wondering what to do with our EcoOccasions products after use or with the packaging you bought them in?  All Alpen's products are labelled with the Australiasian Recycling Label icons as outlined by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (which Alpen are a member of).  Each segment of the packaging will have a dedicated logo, advising you how to dispose of the packaging to have the least environmental impact.

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